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CE Hydraulic Transmission Front End Loader

1, Loader use Deutz/Yuchai/Cummins diesel engine, supply strong power, but low emission

2, Adjustable steering wheel, joystick

3, New design loader frame, more copact, more stabile

4, Middle 4, articulated hinge, flexible removement

5, 4WD, powerful for muddy road, relatively stable and safe
  • wheel loader zl30


  • 8429510000

  • ZL30

  • ISO


  • 10sets/Week

  • China

  • Container

 The rated load of t wheel loader is 3 tons and the bucket capacity ranges from 1.7 to 2.0m⊃3;. Our product comes with excellent structural hardness and enough space for maintenance because of the large interval between articulations of frames. It adopts the optimal steel materials with strong intension and tensile performance to manufacture the structural frames and operation devices in our design that proves to be reasonable through the computer finite element analysis.

The excellent welding and shot blasting technologies are applied in the manufacture of this wheel loader to remove the welding stress effectively. Equipped with the optimal hydraulic system and transmission system, this machine performs with high efficiency, accomplishing the entire working cycle within 10.3 seconds. Furthermore, the product chooses the spacious cabin to create the comfort operation environment because of the air conditioner, shock absorbing seat with safety belt, radio and speaker in it. Compared to the similar product, this product consumes less fuel, about 1.67L/hour.






After connected by the pins and bearings, the front and the rear frames create enough space for maintenance. All the articulations are well connected easily through the precisely boring holes. Through the outstanding high temperature treatment, all the pins own optimized rigidity. Meanwhile, the wheel loader is ensured with smooth operation and low fuel cost.



Optimal welding structure 
Designed rationally via the computer finite element analysis, the welding structure adopts the advanced welding and shot blasting treatment to get rid of the welding stress effectively. All the parts are made of the quality steel plates from WISCO or BAO steel, such as the front frame, rear frame, boom, rocker arm and bucket.

Easy maintenance 
Due to the engine cover that can be opened on both sides, the wheel loader offers simple maintenance. Under the help of air springs, the door of the machine is easy for opening and closing. 



The luxurious cabin conform to the scientific design,With easy operation control device(Hydraulic joystick),and to provide the world-class field of vision in order to allows you to see the bucket and the front of the loader:

       Specifications        ZL30
       Rated bucket capacity        1.7M 3
       Rated loading weight        3000kg
       Operating weight        9970kg
       Max. dump height        3100mm/3500mm
       Max. dump distance        1100mm
       Min. base to the ground        390mm
       Wheel base        2750mm
       Track base        1800mm
       Performance of bucket being set level        Yes
       Static tilting load at full steering position        72KN
       Max. breakout force        138KN
       Max. drawbar pull        90KN
       Max. grade ability        30
       Total time of three(lifting, dumping, lowering)        11s
       Overall dimensions(length× with× height)mm        6680× 2270× 3190
       Intake method        Turbocharged intercooled
       Cylinder number        6
       Max. torsion        480Nm
       Engine        Cummins/Deutz
       Rated power        92kw
       Min. futel consumption        190g/kw@ h
       Rated speed        2200r/min
       Noise(dB)        105
       Transmission        Gearbox separated from torque converter
       Model of torque devicePattern        YJ320
       Pattern        3-element, single stage
       Pattern of gear boxes        Full-powershift, countershaft type
       Number of gear shift        4 forward, 2revers
       Max. travel speed        45km/h
       Main reducer type        Arc taper gear, moderation of double grade
       Pattern of wheel side moderation        Single stage planetary
       Tire size        17.5-25
       Front tire pressure        343kpa
       Rear tire pressure        304kpa
       Steering System        Articulated and hydraulic steering
       Steering angle(each direction)        37± 1
       Min. turning radius(outside of bucket)        5700mm
       Valve distributing working        DF25@ 2C
       Working pumps        CBGQ2100
       Brake system        Air assisted oil disc type four wheel brake
       Service brake
       Parking brake
       Air cutting control inner expand hoof
       Fuel tank capacity        108L
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